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Our latest vacancies

Social media working in construction

Social media working in construction

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We take care of everything, both for the client and the professional. Unburdening is the key word here. Well-equipped on the construction site, good clothes, good tools and good conditions. That is our standard. Short lines, personal attention. We go for the long term. The ultimate goal is a permanent job with one of our clients

Fair contracts & good salaries

At BVB, we work in full compliance with all laws and regulations. For you, this means a good pension with the BPF from day one. We apply the ABU CLA supplemented by the Construction Industry Package. This means we comply with all applicable regulations. In concrete terms: you will receive a good salary in accordance with the guaranteed wages in the Construction Industry Collective Labour Agreement and ADV days (including the applicable senior citizens' scheme.) In addition, you will of course receive the usual tool allowance and we apply the travel time scheme
In short: you know exactly where you stand!

Full equipment

Good fringe benefits are essential for you to do your job properly. That is why we work together with Hilti Netherlands for all our power tools, and we also provide all the personal protective equipment you need to work safely. Of course, this also includes workwear, and here we work together with various suppliers who provide us with workwear and PPE of only good brands such as TriCorp and BlakLader

Safety top priority

Construction involves specific risks. That is why at BVB we make sure you know what the risks to your work are and how to minimise them. You always receive safety instructions and the necessary PPE beforehand in order to work safely. It goes without saying that you will get your VCA and, if necessary, all other necessary courses such as working safely at heights

Tailor-made construction projects

Construction has many types of building projects and just as many construction companies. Our years of knowledge of the market enable us to make the right match for you. This can range from a private maintenance job to a large-scale new construction project. From concrete construction to the last plinth. Our working area stretches from Central to North-East Netherlands. Our areas of expertise are: civil and utility construction, finishing, concrete construction and restoration/renovation. BVB has a large network of clients, ranging from large national contractors, regional construction companies and property maintenance companies to the local village contractor. In short, always a client that suits you